Another Beginning

So, I’m sitting here thinking about what I want to write. I know that I need to write, though.

It’s amazing how this need has come back so randomly. I came back this semester, and I just had to write. So, naturally, I started using my Twitter account, blowing up my Facebook, and even posting on Instagram in this desperate attempt to satisfy my need to communicate. It didn’t really work, though. Hence me resorting to more than 150 characters so I can force my thoughts on an unsuspecting “public.” I’ve started blogging again. I say again, because I’ve definitely used this blog before. I used it mostly to vent my nonsensical (and often childish) thoughts about life. Don’t worry, I recently deleted the most embarrassing posts.  I also started writing a play. It’s not a happy play, and if I ever finish it and let anyone else read it, I will do so only under a pseudonym (until it wins a Tony. I’ll be accepting that in person).

I guess my point is, I have a lot of thoughts running through my head right now. Some of them are silly and school-girlish, some of them are literally all feelings, and some of them are really deep.  I can’t keep them in, so I’m going to lay them out here for you to peruse.

I can’t promise that they’ll be expressed eloquently. Despite my lifelong desire to be a great author, I have never managed to captivate people with my words. I’ve only recently found a way to tell a story in person in an efficient yet entertaining manner. I also can’t promise that my thoughts will always be meaningful, inspirational, or wonderful (or even grammatically correct).  The only thing I can promise you is that they will be passionate and genuine, because that’s how I’m trying to live my life now. I’m tired of always hiding what I think and feel. I’m tired of people (myself included) beating around the bush. It’s time to stop playing games. Trust me, I know that’s a process and not a single action. So this is me, processing.


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